Monday, October 8, 2012

Get the ultimate energy boost in just a few minutes

Everyday you are constantly being assaulted with foods that are making you sick, toxicity levels in the environment, stress from work, family and strangers.

You need to to take herbs and whole foods everyday to give you the nutritional strength to deal with all of the BS you are gonna go through everyday.

What I recommend you do is juice fresh organic fruits and vegetables everyday for the rest of your life.

Not only does the juice taste good but it will make you feel good and many herbalists have used juice by itself to heal people of cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer’s.

When you wake up in the morning get some fresh organic carrots and run them through the juicer and WOW will that wake you up.

I am an herbalist but I only started juicing on a regular basis recently.

Everyday I juice carrot juice and sometimes I add beets, bananas, garlic and cayenne to the mix.

When you think of juicing cayenne and garlic it doesn’t sound that appetizing but it is good and it is extremely good for you.

Start with something simple like carrots.

You can make it fun.

Juice whatever fruits you like; apples, oranges, pears, pinannplle, mango, watermelon, honeydew, its all good for you.

Also when you are juicing, to get all of the vitamins, minerals and enzymes you need for the day it would be wise if you added some herbs to the juice when its done.

You need nutritional herbs that loaded with vitamins and minerals and that don’t taste too bad like spirolina, chlorella, wheatgrass, barley grass and alfalfa.

Go to the local health food store and ask for the fresh type of these herbs out the large glass jars take them home with you then after you finish juicing take a small portion of each of these herbs, stir it in and get the juice down.

You will feel a difference after only a days and you wont be able to imagine living life without your fresh juice.

Organic is important because the produce has been nurtured and it contains anywhere from 4 to 7 times the nutritional value of non organic or “conventional” fruits and veggies.

So if you have a non organic orange and it has 10% of the vitamin C u need for the day the organic orange might have 40% of the vitamin you need everyday or maybe even 70% or higher.

You will have a lot of energy if you take this juice consistently and you don’t eat foods that cause you to lose energy.

I recommend that you juice and take the herbs so that you can sustain your energy and also make the cells in your body happy.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

How the "I Need a Plumber" Colon Cleanse can help to restore your health

All Death Begins In the COLON.

Dr. Richard Schulze is who i got this information from about the colon. He is a natural healer or herbalist who has healed thousands of people all over the world of all different types of diseases. He discovered through trial and error that the body will heal itself if it got the toxins out on a regular basis. That is what the cleanse is designed to do. The colon stores a lot of waste in it from undigested food bad food that we consume day in and day out. The body also accumulates toxins naturally because cells are always dying in your body (not to mention the polluted air that we breath in, the radiation that we take in from our computers and pores. And a whole host of other ways we take in toxins). So in short, in order to have a healthy body you must have a clean colon.

Ok so how is this going to help me to lose weight.

The average person has anywhere between 5 and 50 pounds of backed up toxic waste stored there from years of chronic constipation. Even when an overweight person says they go regularly everyday, they normally are so constipated that when they do poop they are probably having a bowel movement from food they ate over 9 days ago. So when you clean out the colon thoroughly using the bowel cleanser on a regular basis and doing other things like what's in the free handout's you get with a purchase of the cleanse "10 Tips to lose 10 pounds" and "Foods you should stop eating when trying to lose weight" then the first thing you see is that your stomach will start to flatten. Then, if you take it consistently, your health will improve and you will start to lose weight and everyone will notice a difference and your health will be restored.

The ingredients

Aloes: Aloe is probably the greatest herb out here for purging the intestines. It was originally used as a laxative for horses. It will get a lot of waste out of your colon.

Senna: Senna is a similar herb that has a lot of immodin in it. That immodin causes the intestines to purge the waste.

Cascara Sagrada: Similar to aloe's and immodin because of it's immodin content. It's milder that the 2 though.

Barberry: Cleans out the liver and gall bladder and helps the liver be more effective in helping to get rid of toxins in the blood stream

Garlic: Kills viruses, fungus, bacteria; anything that can kill you. It also disinfects the bowel helping to get rid of parasites and harmful bacteria in the bowel.

Cayenne: The best thing to take for weight loss. Speeds up the metabolism like nothing else. And it increases circulation to the bowel and gets rid of any bleeding in the bowel.

Ginger: Used for good digestion. Brings all of the herbs to intestines and helps the other herbs to be more effective in battling disease.

Rhubarb: mild laxative and has some enzymes that the body needs.

So there you have it.Take this formula everyday and you will see a tremendous change in your health, your weight, your skin and other things